We’ve been hard at work building new features the past several months. Read the highlights below or register for our monthly demo webinar.

Neos Today Integrated Dashboards

Customize your homepage with information relevant to you and your firm. For example: marketing ROI, firm utilization, case stages, and more.

Neos dashboard

Document Generation Wizard

Select multiple templates to generate an entire document package. Generate pre-trial letters and court forms all at once by selecting multiple values, medical, insurance providers, and more.

Premium Documents Package

Inline PDF Editor with OCR test

RingCentral Integration

Make and receive calls; see a list of all calls in the Communications tab.

Cost Recovery

New integrations with Copitrak and Equitrac!

Document Generation for Multiple Cases

Effortlessly generate several documents for multiple cases with a few clicks using the Document Generation Wizard tool.

Email Case Notes Enhancements

Easily report to and forward emailed notes, as well as download a copy to show pertinent timestamp details within a case.

case notes

Settlement Calculator

Quickly view different scenarios relating to a settlement amount to see how much money would go to the client and the firm and make adjustments to expedite settlements.

QuickBooks Online integration

Enjoy all the benefits of Neos’ QuickBooks integration, now available for QuickBooks Online as well as desktop. Find it in the new Accounting tab.


Generate invoices and manage their lifecycle without ever needing to leave Neos. No need for QuickBooks integration; simply navigate to the new Accounting tab to use it.

DocuFiler integration

Automate document filing and assignment to any and all cases.


Related document linking

Link a document to all other related documents. For example: Organize discovery by relating requests to their associated responses; keep pleadings together by grouping the initial filings; maintain all deposition documents together.