Our Approach
We’re here to simplify your complex case management needs

Being more efficient means you’re able to be more productive and profitable. And it’s our mission to help make that happen. Through a unique blend of extensive industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology and continual innovation, our team offers one of the most trusted case management platforms backed by best-in-class customer service.

Team members working together at a desk


Photo of Daniel Farrar
Daniel Farrar
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Don O'Leary
Don O’Leary
Chief Financial Officer
Rob Consoli
Rob Consoli
Chief Revenue Officer
Photo of Rick Cirigliano
Rick Cirigliano
Chief Product Officer
Photo of Jim Garrett
Jim Garrett
Chief Technology Officer
Photo of Doug Gaccione
Doug Gaccione
EVP of Sales & Partnerships
Photo of Justin Steele
Justin Steele
EVP, Marketing
Photo of Allison Ford
Allison Ford
VP, Human Resources
Photo of McKay Farrell
McKay Farrell
SVP, Product Management
Iftek Khan Headshot
Iftekharul Khan
SVP, Advanced Product Engineering
Photo of Jessica Collier
Jessica Collier
VP, Growth Marketing
Photo of Bryan Billig
Bryan Billig
VP, Customer Education
Photo of Charles Hogarth
Charles (Chuck) Hogarth
VP, Customer Support

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