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Marketing for law firms

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From harnessing the power of social media, nurturing organic marketing strategies, and amplifying lead generation efforts to nurturing client retention, these strategies offer a roadmap for law firms aiming to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive landscape.

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Neos completes 2023 with huge success and accolades from the Gartner Digital Markets brands. Neos was recognized in various flagship reports under multiple software categories in 2023!

Legal Tech, Cloud, Automation & Efficiency, Needles to Neos

Get the answers to your questions about Neos features, functionality, and transitioning from Needles, Trialworks, or any other case management software.

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Legal Trends, Legal Tech

From harnessing technology's power through AI integration and automation to optimizing staffing, training, marketing, and financial strategies, this post serves as your roadmap to unlocking efficiency, client acquisition, and sustainable business growth.

Legal Tech

Top highlights that made 2023 such a fantastic year for Assembly, from the innovative features we added to Neos, to the industry accolades won, and more!

Recent Customer Stories

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Needles to Neos, Cloud, Automation & Efficiency

The Rad Law Firm's adoption of Neos has markedly elevated efficiency, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline remote access, enhance communication, and save significant time with templates.

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Needles to Neos, Cloud, Automation & Efficiency

Elk & Elk's switch to Neos revolutionized their workflow, streamlining operations across offices with remote access, seamless integrations, and real-time case updates, significantly boosting productivity and client communication.

Legal Tech, Automation & Efficiency, Cloud

Check out over 260+ reasons why firms of all shapes and sizes love Assembly Neos cloud-based legal case management

law firm marketing

Needles to Neos, Cloud, Automation & Efficiency

Neos provides efficient remote access for working from home, enhanced client service with real-time notes, customizable class codes for evaluating marketing channels, and time-saving features like automatic file creation and easy file attachment for The Injured Workers Law Firm.

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Needles to Neos, Cloud, Automation & Efficiency

Brad Bradshaw, M.D., J.D., L.C., needed a case management system that would make it easy to organize case files and ensure that everything from case notes to follow-up dates was at their fingertips. After a positive experience with Needles, they upgraded to Neos for the added features and cloud-based setup.

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Cloud, Automation & Efficiency

Roberts Law Firm used Needles for many years before switching to Neos. Given their positive experience, they never considered a company other than Assembly when they decided to make the move to the cloud.

Product Updates

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Don't miss your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Neos features

Now’s the time to reflect on Neos improvements we’ve released in 2023 to help you, our much-appreciated customers. You’ve contributed hundreds of ideas to the Neos Ideas Portal, many of which have become reality.

Legal Tech

The latest Neos release is brimming with fantastic new features, integrations, and updates that are sure to bring fresh enthusiasm to your work!

Legal Tech

The Neos September release is packed full of terrific new features, integrations, and updates that will make you excited to do your job all over again!

Legal Tech

The Neos June release is packed full of terrific new features, integrations, and updates that will make you sweat (even in the chilly office AC!).

Legal Tech

What's new in Neos? Check out the latest product release for cloud-based legal case management software Neos.

Product Brochures

Attorney touching AI

Legal AI, Legal Trends, Legal Tech

In this ebook, we discuss AI for lawyers, including how to use it and its benefits. We also look into the ethical considerations of adopting artificial intelligence within your legal practice and what to look for when choosing software.

Neos logo

Legal Trends

Neos, Assembly's cloud-based practice management system, is proud to be featured as a premier provider in Legal Tech Publishing’s newly released Practice Management by Practice Area Buyer's Guide.

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Legal Tech, Cloud

Compare Assembly Neos features with Needles 5 and 4.

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Don’t let the data conversion process discourage your firm from making the business decision to partner with the leading legal case management technology provider, Neos.

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Neos offers a comprehensive network of integration options through our open architecture and direct partnerships. Work with clients, partners, providers, and staffwithin one system so that you can run your law practice more efficiently and improve service.

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Cloud, Legal Tech

Transitioning to a new case management platform can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We built Neos to ease the data migration process for our valued customers.


In the News

Assembly's McKay Ferrell answers the question: Are Fears About AI Replacing Legal Professionals Overblown?

In the News

Considering AI within your case management software? You have options! Learn more about the benefits of embedded AI versus third-party.

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Prestigious Annual Awards Program Recognizes Innovative Companies, Products, and Services Supporting the Legal Field

Press Releases

Assembly is pleased to announce the strategic partnership with Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere.

In the News

In this article, 16 members of the Forbes Business Council, including Assembly CEO Daniel Farrar, offer valuable techniques that can help busy leaders reclaim three to five hours back a week and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In the News, Legal Tech

Assembly Software Director of Product Marketing, Marissa Sapega, highlights five crucial strategies for business leaders to pivot and remain relevant in the ever-changing landscape of disruptive technologies.

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