Become an Official Neos Affiliate Partner

Are you working with law firms that may benefit from improving and streamlining their operations by using all-in-one practice management technology? Leverage those relationships and earn recurring referral revenue on net new opportunities by recommending Neos, the industry’s top-rated cloud-based case management platform.

Do you have clients already using Trialworks or Needles? Facilitate the transition to Neos and earn even more commission!

Assembly Affiliate Program


As an Assembly Affiliate Partner you will receive the following benefits:

  • Earn revenue through the life of the initial contract on the SaaS fees

    SaaS fees on year 2 and beyond

    Additional users who may be added over time as well as future product upgrades the customer may elect to add

  • Receive marketing materials

    All the information and marketing materials will be provided to capture the interest

  • Become involved in the deal

    Ability to listen in on demos and calls

  • Obtain deal protection*

    For user counts of 1-10, deals are protected for 90 days

    For user counts of 11-50, deals are protected for 180 days

    For user counts of 51+, deals are protected for 365 days


    *Deal protection can be extended at Assembly Software’s sole discretion

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Please fill out the form below to be considered as a partner.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Law firms are not eligible to be Official Neos Affiliate Partners. However, individuals who are interested in becoming an advocate for Neos and referring new clients may explore the benefits of becoming an Assembly Ambassador
  2. Only applicable for qualified leads resulting in a signed sales order
  3. Only applicable for non-Neos customers
  4. Only applicable for SaaS sales
  5. No compensation will be provided by any revenue generated for Assembly through professional services or other types of revenue
  6. Partner will be paid quarterly after Assembly is paid by the customer
  7. If a customer pays for the year upfront, the Partner will be paid upfront as well, once money is received by Assembly
  8. Post initial sale, additional users or software add-ons generating revenue for Assembly will be paid at the year 2 rate