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Big Tech loves to gloss over the less-than-appealing aspects of AI. Get behind the scenes!

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Trialworks to Neos, Cloud, Automation & Efficiency

Understanding the migration process from Trialworks to Neos cloud-base case management software.

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Trialworks to Neos, Automation & Efficiency, Cloud

Legal Tech, Cloud, Automation & Efficiency, Needles to Neos

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Legal AI, Legal Trends, Legal Tech

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Assembly is pleased to announce the strategic partnership with InfoTrack

legal ai

Legal AI, Legal Tech, Automation & Efficiency

Answers to your burning questions about Neos case management software and its embedded legal AI features and functionality.

Meet NeosAI

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Assembly Software announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI-powered features integrated directly into its award-winning Neos case management platform transforming the way legal professionals operate and streamline their daily tasks.