Case Management

All your files are organized the way you want them. Structure your cases to meet your unique needs with configurable case types and customizable layouts.  Communicate with clients directly from Neos via a client portal, SMS texts, or Outlook email.

Neos case management

Neos Integrations

Neos integrates with all your favorite applications (and we’re adding new ones monthly!) Now you don’t have to leave your case management software to access Microsoft Office 365 (with Outlook and Calendar), DocuSign, QuickBooks, RingCentral, and more. Save time switching in and out of applications and leverage their unique feature sets to support all your firm’s workflows, all within Neos.

Neos Digital Disbursements


Get paid faster with LawPay and disburse funds right from Neos with Digital Disbursements. The fastest and most secure way to send and receive payments.


Billing & Invoicing

Automatic timekeeping and efficient invoicing ensure that you bill for every minute you spend on a case. Access QuickBooks Desktop or Online right from Neos. Even bulk-generate invoices and take advantage of master client billing.

Neos invoice & billing

Client Intake

Customize intake questionnaires for every case type and leverage dynamic fields to get prospect information in record time with fewer mistakes.

Neos Intake

Document Management

Use advanced search and custom naming to make finding that “needle in a haystack” a snap! Automate document generation and batch document generation to reduce errors and leverage our rich case library and powerful template options.

Neos document management

Superlative search and PDF editing

Edit, highlight, and annotate documents directly in Neos. Take advantage of OCR technology to find any document (including PDFs) in seconds and seamlessly Bates stamp documents.

Neos PDR Editor

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is a Neos product that acts as your silent business partner to maximize firm profitability. It leverages historic firm data from your private data lake to visualize firm, group, and individual performance directly in Neos. Boost productivity and efficiency while Advanced Analytics does all the work of analyzing your data.

Neos Advanced Search

Reporting and Analytics

Build custom dashboards that track all the metrics that matter most to your firm and set up reports to be automatically emailed to you at a predetermined cadence.

Neos Custom dashboards


Set up custom automated workflows that trigger when a Checklist item status changes, like sending a retainer agreement via SMS or an email update to a client when a case reaches a certain milestone.  Even dynamically populate intake forms 24/7 from call-in or web sources with no human oversight required.

Neos Checklist


Communicate effortlessly thanks to @mentions with alerts for internal messaging and Neos Premium Texting, email, and client portal channels for your clients. Use Zoom Phone and RingCentral to instantly identify and automatically document client calls, then keep tabs on all incoming and outgoing calls in the Communications Center.

Neos communications

Medical Records Retrieval

Save your firm hours of valuable time by using one of our HIPAA-compliant medical records retrieval partners to pull records directly into Neos.

lady on the phone
Neos case management

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