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New Neos Feature Designed to Help Your Firm Make More Money

Neos cloud-based case management is currently helping over 400 firms make more money. We help law firms be more profitable through dramatically reduced IT costs, the ability to generate new leads with Neos Intake Pro’s Zapier integration, reduced administrative tasks through automation, and maximizing workflow efficiencies.

With new releases every single month, we have plenty of exciting new features to share from the past several months.

Neos Intake Pro

Upgrade your Neos subscription with advanced Intake Pro features and gain complete control over your cases from first call to resolution. Capture leads effectively and turn more of them into clients. Intake Pro brings end-to-end client management to Neos.

CAPTURE Dynamic Intake

  • Collect case type-specific information with an interactive intake form
  • Save time and reduce clutter by focusing only on pertinent data
  • Highlight critical information specifically when it’s needed

Required fields

  • Optimize staff and client time to ensure all data is captured upfront
  • Eliminate callbacks by marking fields as required
  • Align data across cases

Notification manager

  • See all recent notifications, all @ mentions, direct messages, DocuSign, new Intakes, and more
  • Direct link to the specific record that triggered the notification
  • View new notifications no matter where you are in the program

CONVERT Stage and status

  • Efficiently organize your Intake inventory by setting case stage and status
  • Add custom Status options to fit your firm’s unique processes
  • Report on Stage and Status across all Intakes

Document workflows

  • Quickly generate retainer agreements, rejection letters, and referral letters
  • Document workflows and easily send important intake-related documents via email or SMS
  • Configure custom communications with your clients for follow-ups and reminders of important dates

Checklist and triggers

  • Save time during law firm client intake with automated Stage and Status updates
  • Use your existing checklist to automate client communications
  • Automatically send pre-configured emails and text messages

MAXIMIZE Neos today for Intakes

  • Intake overview provides a real-time summary of all your Intakes on one screen
  • Review intake tasks assigned to specific individuals
  • Track leads falling behind

Marketing campaigns

  • New marketing campaign settings allow you to add any campaigns you’re running
  • Track dates and  marketing spend for all campaigns
  • Create and run reports using this new Intake marketing performance information

Reports and dashboards

  • Unique reports to easily review marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • Specialty dashboard and tiles to display critical metrics across your entire Intake organization
  • Utilize out of the box options, or customize for your firm’s specific needs

Automatic Timekeeper

Timekeeping is one of the most critical processes for many law firms, yet one of the most difficult to control. Attorneys are extremely busy providing legal services and often don’t have time to track their activities manually.

Additionally, it is difficult to track at a granular level the number of hours you spend with clients generating and tracking expenses, creating briefs, and billing and invoicing. The task of tracking time is often manual and pushed to the end of the day or week, when it becomes even more challenging to recall individual actions.

The new Neos Automatic Timekeeper allows our customers to:

  • Bill more time and realize more billable hours – Now you can more accurately track billable activities of lawyers and other professionals
  • Increase productivity – Automated time capture relieves many lawyers of the administrative burdens associated with recording and reporting their time
  • Realize higher revenue – Law firms note the dual benefits of reducing the frequency of write-offs due to more robust lawyer time tracker

Neos Timekeeper highlights:

  • Automatically start tracking time as soon as you enter a case
  • Start a timer from anywhere in Neos and manage multiple timers from different cases
  • Create value items directly from a timer and streamline the conversion of time spent to billable hours
  • New activity code field available for time entries enhance billing and accounting workflows

New search experience – Now smarter and faster!

The new search experience in Neos allows you to find what you are looking for in less time. Neos user data shows that most workflows in Neos begin with a search. By improving the search experience, we are improving the efficiency of all workflows in Neos:

  • Search is now 3x faster, and the search bar is easily accessible from the top navigation
  • Better and more accurate results for name, case, and Intake searches; the search logic was improved to list the more relevant results first and help users find the right contact/case with fewer clicks
  • The search results now display full address, contact image, default phone/email, date of birth, and role to help users identify results faster
  • Clicking on a search result will display more information about it and list any associated cases/contacts with that record
  • Improved user experience on mobile devices with all information combined in a single side pane

Triggers and Actions for Checklist (Intake Pro feature)

Save staff time and improve efficiency by using new automation with the Neos Checklist. Users can now set automated triggers and actions in the Checklist, so once items are completed, you can now trigger the following action. In addition, automation with triggers and actions allows for client communications through the case’s entire lifecycle. Immediate use cases are to send pre-written messages to customers as their case progresses, but the opportunities are limitless.

Notification Manager

Never miss a notification with the new Neos Notification Center!

  • See all recent notifications, @mentions, direct messages, DocuSign, new Intakes, and more
  • Link directly to the specific record that triggered the notification
  • Click on the notification and Neos will open the note, case, or document that generated the notification

New Integrations

In addition to integrations with tools your firm already uses, including Microsoft 365, MS SharePoint, DocuSign, and Lexitas, we’ve added a number of other integrations to help your firm maximize productivity.

  • Intake Pro – Zapier (UX) – Zapier is now embedded in Neos under the Integrations tab. This functionality allows users to add and configure actions and integrations (Zaps) without ever leaving Neos
    • Additionally, the Zapier integration enables users to map source and marketing fields to track where the Intakes are coming from and how the leads were generated
  • American Retrieval Company (ARC) – Customers of the leading medical record retrieval company ARC can now initiate their digital medical record retrieval straight from Neos
  • Scorpion – If you’re a Scorpion customer, your client data can now push from Neos to Scorpion’s digital marketing platform, enabling visibility into marketing and client insights

Interested in learning more about Neos? Meet with our team for a private, one-on-one session with one of our experts or talk to one of our many satisfied customers.


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