All the top Neos features in a single tier

NeosAI Platinum: Powered by AI for turbocharged workflows

Get the ultimate Neos experience with NeosAI Platinum, your all-in-one solution for boosted productivity. With features like PDF editing, SMS texting, dynamic forms, workflow automation, and lead tracking, you'll be unstoppable. NeosAI Platinum includes:

  • Embedded NeosAI
  • SMS Texting
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • PDF editing, highlighting, redacting,
  • Bates stamping
  • Dynamic and customizable intake forms
  • Workflow and process automation
  • Advanced Analytics*
  • Lead ROI and marketing tracking dashboards

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NeosAI Platinum is everything to scale your firm to the next level

NeosAI Platinum offers an all-inclusive solution for law firms, combining Neos functionalities with additional benefits such as NeosAI and Neos Premium Texting. With NeosAI Platinum, firms can enjoy features like document summarization, automated document generation, and streamlined data entry. Plus, save $600 per month on integrations like RingCentral and cost recovery software. Try NeosAI Platinum for free for three months and revolutionize your firm's efficiency today

An all-inclusive solution that includes our top Neos features

Embedded NeosAI

Save up to 36 hours per case!

Liberate your firm from laborious tasks like document generation, summarization, and data entry. Embrace efficiency, enhance productivity, and make your staff happier with NeosAI. It's embedded into your workflows so you don't have to break your focus to become more efficient.

Your firm will enjoy:

  • AI Document Generation: Let NeosAI write your documents for you
  • AI Document Summarization: Generate summaries of your documents in seconds
  • AI Document Extraction: Upload documents to Neos and let AI extract key details, automating the data entry process

Neos Premium Texting

Meet clients where they are with SMS Texting

Experience streamlined communication with Neos Premium Texting. Track all messages in one place with complete conversation threads. Texts are automatically archived to relevant cases, ensuring seamless follow-ups and eliminating dropped communication threads. Boost workflow efficiency and enhance client experience effortlessly.

  • Send and receive texts directly from clients through Neos
  • Full SMS service with a dedicated business number
  • Automatically track and record threads directly in the case file
  • Multiple team members can collaborate on a single thread
  • Leverage automated SMS and track replies

Scalable Native Intake

Revolutionize your intake and acquisition

  • Make your intake form work for you with dynamic questionnaires to streamline case information collection, avoiding unnecessary details.
  • Maximize your marketing ROI with tailored reports to track your marketing endeavors, identifying strengths and weaknesses for refinement.
  • Streamline repetitive tasks by leveraging automated responses using personalized templates. Capture intake 24/7 by automating form population from various sources, reducing manual data entry.
  • Customize stages, statuses, and win/loss reasons for ongoing optimization and enhancement

Premium Document Management

Every document management feature at your fingertips

Maintain impeccable organization and never overlook the minutiae. Neos’ legal document management capabilities enable seamless processing, filing, storage, retrieval, and generation of any document essential for your law firm.

  • Edit, annotate, flatten, and redact PDFs
  • Bates stamp documents effortlessly
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make searching all files a breeze

Advanced Analytics

A revolutionary tool for enhancing law firm profitability

Neos' Advanced Analytics Utilizing a robust data lake filled with historical firm data, Advanced Analytics seamlessly presents firm, group, and individual performance metrics within Neos, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency. From within Neos, users can forecast settlement amounts, scrutinize past trends, and conduct intricate calculations to facilitate data-informed business decisions.

Obtain actionable insights leading to tangible outcomes, all without the burden of analysis. *Only available as part of NeosAI Platinum for firms with over 70 users.

Automations and Triggers

Fully automate client communications

Set up your Checklist to trigger any number of actions, including sending client communications through email and SMS. Send and get signatures for retainer agreements using DocuSign or post a welcome message to new clients automatically when the status of a Checklist item changes. No muss, no fuss! Just efficiency.