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The Top 11 Neos Idea Portal Ideas we Implemented in 2023

You asked; we delivered! At Assembly, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. Though we are unable to implement every idea suggested to us, we read and consider all of them! Below is a list of the top feature requests taken from the Neos Ideas Portal that we made into reality in Neos.

You’ll find a link to the Knowledge Base article that describes how we implemented each of the requests for additional context. Please note you need to be logged into Neos AND the Knowledge Base to be able to directly access the KB article from this post. (Just click the question mark at the top right-hand corner of your screen in Neos to access KB.)

Idea 1: Increase # of Notes that can be toggled

Neos only loads up to 50 notes to toggle through at a time; when you reach 50 you have to close the Notes viewer and scroll through the Notes tab to find the next group of Notes to read. Neos should load all notes at once.

Idea 2: The ability to open and edit PDFs directly from Neos and save them directly to Neos

Currently in Neos, when opening PDFs, you have the ability to open them using Adobe Acrobat DC, however, once the PDF is edited it will not auto-save directly to Neos the same way Word docs do. This is an inconvenience to have to save the PDF and re-upload back to Neos/SharePoint. Would be useful to have that auto-save functionality for PDFs as well.

Comment/Note on Checklist Items

In the "details" of a checklist item, there should be a text box (labeled "comments" or "notes") where people can add details, updates, notes, etc., about a checklist item. Currently, my firm adds this info to the task name, but that leads to long, run-on task names that can be difficult to read. Adding a text box under details would solve this issue and allow people to communicate about checklist items more clearly.

Idea 3: A way to not lose track in Notes and Value tab

When reviewing either notes and/or value tab we would like the ability to fully open (not preview) a note or a value tab item and when we "x" out have that note highlighted so we don't lose our place. When reviewing 50+ items, it's hard to remember exactly where you were.

Idea 4: Save note and stays in that Note tab

When I save a note, I want it to stay in that note tab instead of going back to the list of notes. If I'm interrupted at work and I save the note but intend to continue entering information, I want it to stay open but saved for future use.

Idea 5: Searching for parties with the same name and initial is ambiguous

When parties have the same name and middle initial, the search results look identical. Unless you know case numbers by heart, you would have to open each case to see which is the right case for the party. More context information in the search area would be helpful.

Idea 6: Notes column in case docs tab

Currently in Neos, there is not an option to view notes from either the note flyout menu or as a column for the grid on the case docs tab like there was on Needles. This was extremely helpful to see as a column without having to view the detail view.

Idea 7: Case Calendar - Add item without putting it on MY Outlook calendar

I primarily enter all case calendar items into Neos. If it is a case date that I want on another attorney's calendar, but not my own, the only way to do that is to sign out, sign in as them, and add the item. It would be better if I could add a case calendar item, add the attorney who is handling the matter, and remove myself from the matter, so it doesn't add it to my Outlook calendar.

Idea 8: Neos - Printing Notes directly from tab

I would like to print selected (single/multiple) notes to print.

Idea 9: Counsel Tab - Ability to select multiple parties in the Representing dropdown bar

Currently you can only select one party in the Counsel Tab that shows who that attorney represents. In multiple cases, the attorney represents more than one party. It would be beneficial to be able to select multiple parties to accurately show who the attorney is representing.

Idea 10: AKA name should show up in the search field

When typing the AKA name, you must type in last name, first name format, and only then the "new" name shows up in the search field. (Nothing shows up if you type first name then last name). There is no way to know which person from the list is the one you need without going to the pullout on each one until you find the correct person.

Idea 11: Multiple Provider Requests

It should work similar to how it did in Needles 4, in which it allowed us to request multiple providers at once. It would benefit anyone that has to request multiple records at once for one client.

Other implemented ideas

  • Scan document directly to case
  • Home page of Neos should allow user to adjust what they see when logging in
  • When sending an email from the case it should be posted to the note tab automatically (similar to when sending a text)
  • User would like the ability to remove themselves as the organizer of the event
  • Adding another staff assigned on Case Ribbon
  • Neos - Change color of flag note and light bulb to a more alerting color.
  • The ability to select multiple options in one dropdown menu when generating documents
  • Select Multiple Notes/Bulk Actions
  • Email a checklist item once set
  • Add a "Select All" option to Case Docs Tab
  • Ability to default calendar to a group
  • More Robust Intakes
  • Create checks in bulk from the value tab
  • NEOS: being able to export the settlement memo in a Word document format for further modification
  • Update folder name in case and sharepoint when party name is updated
  • Word Templates Add In for Mac Users
  • Neos - Add Provider Address & Phone number back to Value tab
  • Check request debit account default
  • Add names of clients to provider usage list
  • Neos - Change Default to Uncheck the 'File Attachments' When Tagging an Email
  • Neos - Add Built-in Spell check
  • Litigation Titles are appearing in Case Header despite the Aux Checklists not being marked as Lit
  • Ability to convert or make copy of a word document to PDF directly
  • Ability to rearrange the phone numbers in party tab
  • Neos - Drag & Drop Documents - Allow for name change
  • Cloud - Send Message from Case
  • Activity Feed - Per User
  • Value Tab Provider Information
  • The Neos logo over the sidebar should take you to the Home Screen
  • Cloud: Add Shortcut for Folders instead of individual files in case docs
  • Make Provider in Value Tab easy to see phone numbers
  • Checklist Summary report should default to the staff that is logged in
  • Neos - Report Criteria from User Defined Directories
  • Sort Phone numbers
  • Be able to maximize screen size for notes in value tab entry
  • Neos - Tabbing ability between fields
  • Expand the size of the comment text box for user defined tabs.
  • Neos - Remove 'Add Note' Button from Header
  • SaaS - Add Alternate Case Number to Case Header & Search
  • Make phone numbers include parenthesis and dashes for easy reading.
  • Double click date range to input todays date
  • Integrator should total up all selected checks before we sent to QB
  • NEOS - Show Party Role
  • Enter button will search instead of having to click on the search button
  • SaaS - Ability to toggle through notes
  • Ability to tag email with a phone number search
  • Change font color from gray to black for better visibility
  • Cloud - Populate check number in Neos and case number/customer name on check memo
  • Neos: Ability to nest document attachments under their lead document.
  • Provider contact info should appear on Value Tab Entries
  • All drop down fields should be typable/autofill
  • Cloud: Add a different color for 'done' checklist items
  • NEOS - Name at top left of case
  • Neos - Case Special Note Header - add 'Undo' option if 'Clear' is selected
  • Make Alphabetic fields text wrap
  • Check Request Interface
  • Neos: Editing fields and screens for all Intake Case types
  • NEOS - Print Needles Today Checklist
  • Auxiliary Checklists - Do not Repopulate all checklist items based on changed case dates
  • Add Party Phone & Email to Columns in Advanced Search
  • Provider phone number should be easily found on the 1st screen without having to drill down into the provider card
  • Add party role to search fly out menu
  • Document Setup vs PDF Setup Icons
  • Being able to check select all or de-select all when exporting check to QB
  • User would like to have the calendar time for events start at 8am instead of 12am-12pm by default
  • Prevent add DTF from being turned off when using the QB integrator
  • Include Intakes in Searches
  • Cloud - Use email or name in Outlook email to search and tag in case
  • Cloud: Add Paging Arrows to the Notes Tab
  • NEOS - Notes Quick-View Window
  • Create Document Tags On The Fly
  • Dashboard Time Refresh
  • SaaS - Make Synopsis Tab Larger
  • NEOS - Email Notifications
  • NEOS: Outlook Add-in should have function to link Calendar items to cases
  • Email and Text templates
  • CLOUD: sort the document type or any mini directories drop down in alphabetical order
  • Worldox Integration
  • Case Document Categories can't be set per doc to fillin automatically after a doc is merged
  • Value screen navigation (Value notes)
  • Document Filter Search
  • NEOS - Dates in the Value Tab
  • Document Generator should have drop downs
  • Cloud User would like to be able to select multiple value code from subtotals instead of going in to reports
  • Neos: Ability to Use Document Tags to search/group other docs with the same tag
  • NEOS - Trash Can for Recent Searches/Clearing All Recent Searches
  • Neos - QB Integrator - Sorting order of the integrator does not transfer to QB
  • Neos: Certificate of Service Paragraph should include email
  • Would like the client name in the case header, not just the case folder tab.
  • Dashboard filters
  • Integration with Copitrak
  • Integration with Equitrac
  • Notes Tab Rich Text
  • Needles messages will forward to actual e-mail
  • Searching via Phone when tagging from Outlook
  • Make comment box bigger
  • Make Counsel Representing box multiselect.
  • Neos: Certificate of Service Paragraph should include Fax Number
  • User would like to be able to send a message from the notes tab and case tab
  • Search/Not Search Option - When adding a potential client in an intake, we want to be able to not have to add the name and then input the client's contact information. You should be able to input the name without searching and move to the next section in the intake form.
  • Additional Address types for providers
  • Print option to value tab notes section
  • Merge fields for date & time
  • Checklist prompt to ignore checklist items updated manually

If you have an idea for Neos, please submit it to the Ideas Portal for consideration.


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