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Assembly's 2022 Year in Review

2022 has been a year of massive growth in the legal software industry and for Assembly Software, with laser-focused capital investment and many industry-acknowledged triumphs for Assembly to celebrate. We are exceptionally grateful to our customers, tireless and dedicated employees, strategic partners, industry experts, and trade publications, who have all made this banner year a reality.

As we close the books on 2022, we would like to share the top highlights that made it such a fantastic year for Assembly, from the innovative features we added to Neos to the industry accolades won and our comprehensive company rebranding to Assembly Software (or as we refer to ourselves, “Assembly”).

Revealed the new Assembly Software

We rebranded to Assembly Software to reunite three strong brands under a single entity. This required extensive coordination and input from stakeholders companywide and many loyal customers we engaged with. If you have ever undergone a rebrand, you will understand the magnitude of such a change and the orchestration required. We could not be happier with the result. We believe the updated styling, brilliant new colors—including Miami Blue as a tribute to Assembly's business origin—and sleek new website embody a brand at the forefront of case management technology.

Read more about the new Assembly 

Released 75+ new Neos features and enhancements

Assembly’s Product and Technology teams outdid themselves this year. Over 12 monthly releases, we added more than 75 new amazing Neos features that have helped our customers reach new heights of success. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Automatic Timekeeper – Automatically start timing as soon as you open a case, making missed hours a thing of the past!
  • Document Generation Wizard - Select multiple templates to generate an entire document package
  • Customized Reporting & Dashboards – Set up your Neos Today home screen with everything you need daily, then create new dashboards filled with tiles catering to specific firm operations (like intake or marketing)
  • Settlement Calculator - View different scenarios relating to a settlement amount to see how much money would go to the client and the firm and adjust expedite settlements
  • 12 Robust Integrations – Neos users can now access Mailchimp, LawPay, RingCentral, QuickBooks Online, and more without leaving Neos

See all the 2022 product releases 

Transitioned over 200 firms to Neos

This past year, Assembly’s Professional Services team worked around the clock with astounding results. We are excited to share that over 200 firms transitioned to Neos in 2022. The transition process is time-consuming for both parties and requires multiple stages, but our Professional Services department handled each implementation with discipline and determination. Our goal is to increase that number every year.

Read more about Assembly’s proprietary 4-step transition process 

Assembly became SOC 2 certified

SOC2 certification is the gold standard for security compliance. It is a critical security accreditation that validates that a company’s systems and processes meet the highest standards for data privacy, confidentiality, and system resilience. The SOC2 audit covers all the following Trust Services Criteria (TSC) as set by the AICPA: Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy. 

In being certified SOC2 compliant, you can trust that Assembly has been validated at the highest tier when it comes to safeguarding your data from outside access. 

Read more about our security

Neos recognized for outstanding excellence in multiple award categories

With all the demanding work we put into Neos this past year, it is incredibly validating when others recognize that it is a best-in-class case management software. We are thrilled to announce that Neos was named the Best of 2022 in The Legal Intelligencer, securing the #1 spot in Docketing & Calendaring Solutions and #2 in Case Management Solutions. It also won The Legal Intelligencer’s Hall of Fame award!

Neos also won the “Case Management Innovation of The Year” in the 2022 LegalTech Breakthrough Awards. Though our awards shelf is getting a bit crowded, we are more than happy to have been honored with these accolades and excited that our Product and Technology teams are enjoying these public commendations.

Assembly officially became a “Great Place to Work”

While everyone who works here could have told you as much, it is now official: Assembly is a “Great Place to Work!” for 2022 and 2023. As a remote company, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out how to build rapport with colleagues and celebrate together as a company. But we make it work, and it clearly shows.

Learn more about Assembly 

Our name was popping up everywhere

Our senior leadership team contributed 11 articles to publications this year. Not only that, but leadership scored a Forbes Tech Council membership and board seats for Fast Company and Entrepreneur. In their spare time, senior leadership was featured in three podcasts. Combine that with five press opportunities and dozens of new four- and five-star reviews on Gartner, and we are pleased with the results.

Check out our Newsroom 

Customer education got even better

We like to keep our customers well-informed about how to use Neos. As a testament to that commitment, we launched “New in Neos in 19 minutes” and Neos Academy and created over 65 new training and on-demand educational videos on Neos features in 2022. Combined with our award-winning support and comprehensive knowledge base inside Neos, it created an environment where each Neos customer felt supported. And guess what? 2022 was just the beginning.

What's in store for 2023? You will have to wait and see.

This year-end recap has only shared the highlights of the past year. We are no less proud of countless other achievements not included here. As we bid farewell to 2022, we look forward to making 2023 even more impressive and memorable. To our customers and employees: thank you for making 2022 an incredible year that exceeded our wildest expectations.


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