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Neos Q&A: Answers to Your Burning Questions

During a recent Neos case management product demo, we received important questions from potential users like you. This Q&A blog will address these questions and provide the answers you need to decide whether Neos is the right solution for your law firm. 


Features and Functionality  


What is the highest case volume Neos can handle? 

Neos can handle high case volumes, with a client currently adding about 3,000 cases a month. The software is designed to accommodate various workflows. Our software is built to handle high case volumes, and we have clients successfully managing significant case volumes with Neos. We can accommodate any workflows you may have, ensuring that the software scales with your firm's needs. 


When you pull up a client, where do you see any prior(s) we might have had with them? 

Neos allows you to search contacts and view all prior cases/intakes with that contact, similar to the functionality in Needles. This feature provides a comprehensive view of all interactions and history with the client, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. 


Is texting available in all tiers of Neos? 

Premium Texting is available in all versions of Neos, offering enhanced texting capabilities beyond the base version. Our Premium Texting feature provides advanced functionality, ensuring that you have a robust texting solution to meet your firm's needs. 

How does it know what case to save the text messages to? 

If you have multiple cases with a contact, the text will go into the Communications Center. Otherwise, it will be associated with the case where the phone number is linked. This ensures that text messages are appropriately linked to the relevant case, providing organized and efficient communication management. 


How do phone calls work? Does it integrate with Microsoft Teams or a soft phone software? 

Neos offers a Ring Central Integration for calls and Click to Dial is always an option. Ring Central helps with recording calls. Our integration with Ring Central and Click to Dial option ensures seamless and efficient handling of phone calls, providing a comprehensive solution for call management. 


Do the documents integrate with Dropbox? 

Neos works with Sharepoint, which is included in your Office 365 account. Our integration with Sharepoint ensures that you can seamlessly manage and access documents within the Neos software, providing a secure and efficient document management solution. 


Can you color code the sub folders too? Where do I find the settings for it? 

Yes, you can color code subfolders. You can find the settings for it under Settings\Document Types. Our customizable folder color-coding feature allows you to organize and categorize documents effectively, providing a visually intuitive document management experience. 

 Can anyone update reports or only the person who created it? 

Reports can be made available for all users to run or limited to specific individuals based on the creator's preference. This flexibility ensures that you can control access to reports, allowing for efficient report management within the Neos software. 


Can you lock fields so that only certain people can edit? 

Yes, as admins, you have field-specific rights and can control who can edit certain fields. Our field-specific rights feature allows administrators to manage and control access to specific fields, ensuring data integrity and security within the Neos software. 

Can you show the $ section? 

The software offers a comprehensive solution for managing financial aspects, ensuring all necessary financial information is readily accessible. Our financial management features provide a robust solution for managing and accessing financial information within the Neos software, ensuring that you have the necessary tools to handle financial aspects effectively. 



Transitioning to Neos  

Will Neos scale with our workflows? 

Neos can accommodate any workflows you may have, and the software is designed to scale with your firm's needs. The only potential limitation is the SharePoint space, which can be expanded as needed by purchasing additional space from Microsoft. 

If I move to Neos from Clio, how complicated is it to move data like billable hours, notes, contacts, and custom fields? 

Neos has a full migration team that ensures all your data and admin items are set up before the transition. They work closely with your firm to ensure a smooth transition. Our dedicated migration team will work with you to ensure that all your data, including billable hours, notes, contacts, and custom fields, are seamlessly transferred to Neos. We understand the importance of a smooth transition and will ensure that everything is set up and working as desired before you go live. 


What is the price to use the software? 

Neos offers different pricing packages based on the size of your firm and specific needs. You can contact a sales executive to discuss pricing options or visit for an overview. We are also flexible and can work with you to tailor the pricing options to your specific requirements. 


See Neos for Yourself

We hope this Q&A has provided valuable insights into Neos' capabilities. If you're interested in experiencing the power of Neos firsthand, we invite you to sign up for an upcoming deminar. Our team is dedicated to showcasing how Neos can revolutionize your firm's workflow and provide the scalable solutions you need. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the possibilities with Neos! 


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