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NeosAI Deminar Q&A: Your Top Questions, Answered

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Miss out most recent live Neos deminar? No worries! In this blog post, we explore the key questions raised during the deminar, focusing on Neos's features, communication tools, AI integration, data security measures, and more. Let's delve into the insights shared during the June deminar. You can also watch on-demand at your leisure!

Checklist Items and Responsible Parties

Will checklist items be shown for all responsible parties in Neos?

Yes, Neos displays checklist items for all responsible parties, including attorneys, paralegals, and other staff members involved in the case.

Email Integration and Document Handling

Can emails filed from Outlook to Neos stay in both systems?

Yes, emails filed from Outlook to Neos will remain in both systems, ensuring seamless integration.

Does Neos eliminate the need to scan and attach documents to Needles?

Yes, you can simply scan and drag and drop documents directly into Neos, streamlining the process.

Communication Features

Can multiple clients be texted at once in Neos?

Not yet, but Neos is continuously working to enhance features, including the possibility of group texting in the future.

Does Neos support premium texting with number porting?

Currently, Neos assigns a new phone number for premium texting. Number porting is a feature under development for future implementation.

AI Capabilities, Data Security & Permissions

Is AI integrated into Neos to generate closing statements?

Yes, Neos AI can generate closing statements and offers continuous updates to enhance AI capabilities.

What AI software does Neos utilize? How does Neos handle data security and updates?

Neos uses AI models provided by Microsoft Azure AI services. AI services from Microsoft Azure ensure a Zero Data Retention Policy for data passed through its API for eligible endpoints upon request. Upon generating and sending back a response, the input data is immediately deleted.

Neos updates are released quarterly and ensure that AI capabilities are also updated with each release to maintain data security and performance.

Can Neos restrict user access to AI functionalities?

 Yes, Neos offers permissions to limit or exclude individuals from accessing specific AI features.

Integration and Migration

Does Neos integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, Neos integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and Online, offering seamless financial management for legal professionals.

How user-friendly is the migration process from Needles to Neos?

Neos has perfected the migration process to make it easy for all users, ensuring a smooth transition from Needles over time.

Subscription and Features

Is AI included in the Neos subscription or an additional paid feature?

AI functionality is built into the Neos Platinum tier, offering advanced features at the top subscription level.

How do I learn more Neos and NeosAI?

To learn more about Neos and its embedded legal AI features (NeosAI), contact us for an expert-led demo or email for details.


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