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Upgrade to Neos Boosts Productivity for Roberts Law Firm 

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Ashley Rogers is a paralegal in the Workers’ Compensation Department at the Roberts Law Firm. She was with the firm in 2020 when they decided to switch to case management software with cloud-based storage and easy remote access to files. The decision was largely triggered by the limitations imposed by COVID-19, but the firm has since discovered many additional benefits of Neos.

Roberts Law Firm used Needles for many years before making the switch to Neos. Given their positive experience, they never considered a company other than Assembly when they decided to make the move to the cloud.

Key Results

  • Quicker, easier communication with clients with integrated texting and the ability to send documents directly from the platform

  • Improved monitoring of case status with class codes

  • Fast, accurate creation of settlement memos using the Value tab

  • Dramatically increased productivity thanks to document merging

The Roberts Law Firm in Gastonia, North Carolina, focuses in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation. With the high volume of medical records and other documents associated with these practice areas and the need to manage and monitor cases with clients in various stages of treatment and recovery, they needed a system that would streamline routine requests and communications and make case information easily accessible. 

Before Neos

Before Neos, the firm’s files were stored on an internal server, and remote access required an inefficient VPN workaround. Remote access to files became critical during the early days of the pandemic, when people were often required to be out of the office. Case files weren’t available on mobile devices, making working away from the office more difficult and hindering the ability to access information on the fly when necessary. Furthermore, documents, letters, and settlement memos were assembled individually, making the tasks more time-consuming than was ideal.

With Neos

Neos provided the remote and mobile access the firm needed, but that was only the beginning. Neos also streamlined file management and systemized routine tasks. 

“Neos is extremely user friendly, and it has helped our firm develop a more cohesive approach to case management.”

Access from Anywhere and Integrations Speed Up and Enhance Client Service

”Being able to integrate DocuSign, Sharepoint, Outlook, and all of that is really great for our firm.”

The ability to text clients and to share documents directly from Neos has enabled quicker and more effective client communication. Seamless integrations mean the firm can get more done through Neos, such as obtaining signatures through DocuSign or securely sharing documents through Sharepoint, all while maintaining organized, comprehensive communication stored in the case. With access to Neos through mobile devices, critical information is always readily available.

Keeping the Focus on Moving Cases Forward

Class codes provide an easy, efficient way to sort case files by status, making it simple to see which cases need attention. This feature also allows the office manager to quickly generate reports for each paralegal showing cases with outstanding fees, to ensure monitoring and timely follow-up. 

Huge Time Savings with Expedited Document Production

Ashley says document merging has really streamlined the firm’s document process in areas such as requesting medical records and sending out letters of representation. They no longer have to spend a lot of time filling in case-specific information or correcting human errors. 

“Being able to generate 10 documents at the same time–that speaks for itself.”

Neos offers big-time savings with another type of document, too. Ashley can immediately generate an accurate settlement memo straight from the information stored in the Value tab. 

What We Love About Neos

In addition to the ease of access to client files, Ashley says the cloud storage gives her a greater sense of security that files are safe in remote storage even if something goes wrong locally and will always be accessible. 

Neos gives us peace of mind, knowing that if something were to blow up, we would still have our documents in the cloud.”

She also says she loves the ability to run weekly reports showing the fees she and her attorney have generated. She also enjoys the intake feature, noting that when a prospect becomes a client, she can go in and, “boom, turn it into a case.” 

Moreover, she notes that while the Assembly support team is fantastic and quick to respond, she doesn’t usually need their help. Neos’ extensive knowledge base generally has all the information she needs.. 

"If I have an issue, nine times out of 10 I can figure it out myself by clicking the question mark and checking the knowledge base.” 

Neos has already had a significant effect on both productivity and client service, but Ashley says she expects the impact to become even more pronounced as the firm’s use of Neos’ features and adoption by staff members continues to grow. She says she’d tell anyone considering the switch that Neos is user-friendly and has really helped the Roberts Law Firm.


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