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What's New: Neos June 2023

Neos release

The summer solstice is behind us, but the best is yet to come. The Neos June release is packed full of terrific new features, integrations, and updates that will make you sweat (even in the chilly office AC!). Plus, don’t forget to watch the “New in Neos” recorded webinar with Bryan Billig.

In other BIG news - Neos University, our FREE Neos certification is live!


  • Bulk Import CSV (Standard Fields) with Duplicate Check
  • Email Directly from Neos (Customer Request)

New Neos Products

  • Advanced Analytics


  • Negotiation Time Expansion with Sorting
  • Document Linking Tabs: 1-5
  • Case Header Enhancements
  • Advanced Search Future Dates Filter

New Integrations

  • LawToolBox
  • Case Status
  • ChartSquad

Improvements & Updates

  • Case Budget Updates
  • Neos Premium Texting Updates

New Features

Bulk Import CSV (Standard Fields) with Duplicate Check

Now you can easily add a large number of newly acquired cases or contacts to Neos! The Import from CSV feature provides the ability to do simple intake, case, and contact bulk imports.

How to use it

Navigate to the CSV import workflow through the global "Create" dropdown or through import buttons in the top right of Browse Intakes and Browse Cases tabs, and the Address Book. When you select the option to Import from CSV, the Import from CSV screen should open and you’ll be able to select 1 of 3 different record type import options: Intakes, Cases, and Contacts.

Validation Errors

When you initiate the import, Neos will check mapped fields with specific data validation for improper formatting (i.e., dates, phone numbers, SSNs, FINs, States, etc.) and list the field errors in the invalid data modal.

Duplicate Check

Neos will now always check for duplicate names when importing intakes, cases, or contacts from a CSV - *There is no longer a duplicate check toggle*

If names from the CSV already exist in the firm's database, the “Duplicated Entries” modal will appear with the list of matching names before the batch import starts

  • You can select names from the list that you want to create by checking the box next to the name; otherwise, for case and intake imports, if left blank, the already existing contact will be added to the newly created case/intake.
  • Contact Imports: if duplicate names are found, those matching contacts will not be re-created unless you select the checkbox next to the name in the Duplicate Entries modal

View Batch Progress and Results

  • Imports are now done in the background in batches (similar to creating multiple document batches) - Up to 999 rows at a time
  • When an import is started, a progress modal with the new batch number appears in the bottom right of the screen

When complete:

  1. The "View Batch" link appears in the progress modal that opens Browse Intakes, Browse Cases, or the Address Book and filters the results by the import batch number
    • TIP: If there are no results displayed when clicking View batch, try clearing out any other filters that may be applied
    • Columns for batch number have been added to Browse Intakes, Browse Cases, and the Address Book to enable filtering and sorting.
    • Batch number can also be used as a search criterion and column in Advanced Search for cases, intakes, and names
  2. A notification triggers in the notification center that displays a "View Batch" link (opens the filtered browse case/intakes/contacts tab) and an "Errors" link if any import rows failed
    • Errors Modal: Displays an Invalid Data modal that lists any CSV rows that failed to import due to invalid data or missing required fields

Instructional video coming soon!

Email Directly from Neos (Customer Request)

Draft and send a new email directly from Neos emails and have it automatically post to the case without going to Outlook. You’ll be able to track emails sent as a measure of productivity and improve the tracking of case progress with a clear and centralized record of all communication related to a case. This feature was a popular customer request!

The new “Send email” modal will appear anywhere you can send email in Neos, such as

  • Document List
  • Browse Documents
  • Activity Feed
  • Notes tab

Neos also automatically includes data from the contact and case in the subject, e.g., case name and case ID.

How to use it

Select “Send email” from the Notes tab or Quick Add, which will bring up the new Send email modal. Here, you can fill out:

  • To
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Add attachments from Case docs directly from the modal

You can send the email, schedule it, or open it in Outlook via the drop-down menu in the “Send” button

  • If you click on “Email” in the context menu for documents, the modal will pre-populate that document as an attachment in the Send email modal
  • If you click on “Email” in any Note, the body of that note will be pre-populated in the Send email modal

Once you send an email, that email will be stored as a new Note in the Notes tab

New Neos Products

Advanced Analytics (Premium Product)

Our new flagship Analytics and Intelligence platform built directly into Neos! Leverage the next generation of analytics that goes beyond reporting on data points from a single point in time. Powered by a lake of firm historical data, Advanced Analytics in Neos will visualize firm, group, and individual performance to help boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability. You can forecast revenue, analyze historical trends, and perform advanced calculations to inform data-driven business decisions.

  • Historical records of firm data from your private data lake
  • Preconfigured visualizations in Neos like projected caseload, average hours spent per case by type, and ongoing monthly revenue
  • Permissions management so only specific individuals can access the information
  • Advanced reporting functionality; new calculations and combing multiple data sets
  • Forecasting firm revenue based on previous firm results

Boost Staff Efficiency & Productivity

  • Insight into past & current staff performance
  • Caseload
  • Hours worked (per case, per case type, during a specific time period)
  • Checklist items completed (by month, by case type, over time, etc.)

Increase Profitability

  • Analyze previous case results and determine any inefficiencies or bottlenecks like cases getting stuck in one stage for too long
  • Forecast future firm revenue & profit using previous performance on relevant cases

Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

  • Determine who has been most successful in maximizing fees for certain cases
  • Ensure workload is evenly or correctly dispersed throughout your staff
  • Continue investing in marketing efforts that have proven to be the most successful

Learn more about Advanced Analytics.

Watch the on-demand webinar


Negotiation Time Expansion with Sorting

Time has been added to the negotiation date so users can see the chronological order of negotiations that have happened in a single day. This new enhancement provides case managers with the ability to track the time spent on a negotiation under the Negotiation Tab. You can add time and date in the same column when using the Negotiation Tab, making it easy to sort and boosting efficiency.

Document Linking Tabs: 1-5

Now you can link documents to individual records within User Tabs 1-5. You’ll be able to access the relevant documents quickly; linking multiple related documents to a specific record makes it easier to find them. This feature also improves overall communications by allowing users to upload and link multiple related documents to a record, empowering staff to collaborate on the case and access information with ease.

Case Header Enhancements (Customer Request)

Whether you expand or collapse the case or close and reopen it, the case header will open in the same state as it was. We’ve also expanded the width of the case header to reduce whitespace to show more when collapsed and take up less screen space when expanded.

Customer request references

Advanced Search Future Dates Filter

Future Dates are now available in the dynamic date ranges for Advanced Search. Select from the below ranges whenever you add a date filter:

  • Next 7 Days
  • Next 30 Days
  • Next 60 Days
  • Next 90 Days

These options are specific to date range filters and will only appear if you have selected a date filter.

New Integrations

LawToolBox (Customer Request)

LawToolBox is the world's leading docketing platform. It automatically calculates all deadlines related to your case and syncs to your calendar in Neos in seconds—it even monitors rules and updates the calendar dates when an event is rescheduled or lands on a weekend or court holiday.

Specific jurisdiction’s court rules and deadlines—including statutes of limitation, filing deadlines, and discovery deadlines—are automatically calendared for a case

  • Improves win/loss ratio for firms that do litigation, family, and business practice types
  • Provides the option to show deadlines in the Neos Calendar
  • Deadlines are consistently accurate and automatically updated

Note: Case dates and deadlines are only displayed in the global Neos Calendar but not in Outlook; this capability is under review for the future.

Kick off your LawToolBox subscription directly in Neos, then finish with LawToolBox. Start by going to Settings > Integrations > LawToolBox and follow the instructions. LawToolBox will contact you to finish the activation and set up billing. All official subscriptions are managed and controlled by and through LawToolBox; you cannot sign up exclusively through Neos.

Sign up for a demo today.


The fastest and most cost-effective way to get access to medical records.

  • Averaging a 15-day turnaround
  • Flat fees for all requests (no contract, no subscription. No signup fee)
  • Pay for the services you use when you use them. Never waste money on using record retrieval companies or internal resources again.

Sign up for a demo of ChartSquad

Case Status

Client service platform with industry-leading mobile client portal integrated into Neos. 90% client adoption of the 5-star app resulting in 50% fewer calls & emails, 2X client satisfaction, and growth in 5-star reviews and referrals.

Sign up for a demo of Case Status

YoCierge (coming soon!)

Superior medical records retrieval services with records delivered through a secure, HIPAA-compliant online portal for easy download.

Sign up for a demo of YoCierge

Improvements and Updates

  • Updated Party Page and removed additional white space to show more information above the fold.
  • Updated PDF/A OCR logic to omit portfolio and password-protected PDFs

Case Budget Updates

  • Case Budget Updates added to Activity Feed to see a timeline of events
  • Case Budget Notification Category – New option to enable email or in Neos only notifications for case budgets within the staff notification settings
  • Send a Notification when a Case is Over Budget or has reached the Warning Threshold - Notifies Neos users when a case has reached the warning threshold or gone over budget, so you can adjust accordingly

Neos Premium Texting

Recipients of firm text messages will now receive an "opt-in" message the first time a firm sends them a text. The client just needs to respond with START to opt in to text messages. If they accidentally opt out, they can always opt in by texting START to the firm number at any time.

Note: This update was released on July 5

Neos Improvements

  • New cases made with an existing contact now pull all the personal information from the Contacts page
  • Adding a new entry to the Record Requests tab no longer affects the email for all previous entries
  • Can select additional categories and topics when generating documents from templates
  • QuickBooks no longer creates duplicate vendors
  • Can delete deposit requests from the Deposits Tab using QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Online shows credit and debit accounts
  • Checklist Automation sends a text when Trigger Staff is selected.
  • Standard Reports now filter using Date Range


Contact your customer success manager if you have questions about this release, or sign up for one of our monthly Neos demos for a full product refresh!

For detailed instructions on these enhancements, click the Help icon (question mark) in Neos to access the Self-Serve Portal and Knowledge Base.


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