Legal TechApril 21, 2022

What's New: Neos April 2022

It’s time to shake off those winter blues and embrace the warmth! Along with rising temperatures, you can also expect some new productivity-boosting features in Neos:

Document generation for multiple cases

All the enhancements we introduced for the Document Generation Wizard last month are now available for multiple cases; you can create documents for any number of cases at once.

How to use it

When you need to send a letter to a list of new clients, providers, or adjusters across multiple cases, you can now leverage Advanced Search to find a list of cases that match any criteria and generate documents for all those cases in one effortless action.

Email case note enhancements

When an email is tagged to a Case using the Outlook Add-in or when a Case Note is emailed from Neos, a copy of the sent email and any attachments are saved as a new note to the Notes tab. Now you can easily reply to and forward emailed notes, as well as download a copy to show pertinent timestamp details within a Case.

How to use it

If you email a Case Note directly from Neos, you can reply to and forward the Case Note email to a judge or relevant Party and it will include the original timestamp.


Simply click a phone number from anywhere in Neos (e.g. Party detail/sidepane, Provider detail/sidepane, Intake, etc.) and the RingCentral widget will pop up and automatically call the number.

How to use it

Just click on the phone number!

Document Generation Wizard updates

You can now preview the document template from the prompt screen and append party/provider names to filenames.

How to use it

Check out our video on using the Document Generation Wizard

Questions about the new features? Contact your Customer Success Manager or check out the Knowledge Base from the Help icon inside Neos (just filter for “last updated”).

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