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Neos Powers Growth for The Parks Law Firm

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Clyde R. Parks brought decades of experience to the firm he founded in 2016, but outdated systems were eating up staff time and draining efficiency. A switch to Neos streamlined operations, increasing efficiency, improving communications and freeing up staff time. Jennifer Figueroa joined the firm as a legal assistant in 2021, while the transition was underway, so she experienced how operations ran with and without Neos.

Key Results

  • Huge time savings in completing repetitive tasks 

  • Seamless continuation of case management actions across multiple staff members

  • Better and quicker responsiveness to clients, thanks to mobile access to files

  • Simplification and cost savings through reduced need for equipment

The Parks Law Firm, with offices in Hurst, San Antonio and El Paso Texas, serves injury victims in Texas. The firm’s founder has extensive legal and business experience, but paper files combined with cloud-based document sharing were slowing the firm down. With the firm growing quickly, they needed tools that would allow for better collaboration, streamline routine tasks, and increase flexibility.

Before Neos

Before Neos, the firm was reliant on paper files and non-specialized cloud solutions like Google Docs. The system was workable for a relatively small team, but unnecessarily time consuming, as digitally-stored information had to be accessed through different apps. Furthermore, much information was available only via the paper files, meaning the attorney or staff member had to be in the office or call someone who was to check the file. Letters and pleadings were created from scratch or by pulling up a prior similar document to copy, a time-consuming process. The firm also purchased individual cell phones for staff to use in text communications with clients, which was not only costly, but also lacked a way for staff to automatically document conversations in a central location. 

With Neos

Neos put all case information within reach wherever the attorney or staff member might be. With offices in three cities and a staff that increased from about 10 to about 50 across a few years, that ability to coordinate and share information remotely has been critical. That’s true every day, with a mix of remote workers and staff in different offices around the state. But, it’s especially important when obstacles arise that keep someone out of the office. 

“When there are weather challenges or someone can’t make it to the office, it’s a blessing to be able to keep working without interruption.”

Clarity and Organization Keep Matters Running Smoothly

Checklists and activity tracking make it easy for anyone working on a file to see what has been done and what’s on the agenda, which makes it easy to know exactly where a file stands and what needs to be done next if multiple staff members are working on a file, an employee leaves the firm, or someone is just away on vacation when a client calls. 

“I like the Checklist because it helps me keep organized, and I can make sure I always touch the most important matters for that day.”

Jennifer says the firm also relies on the ability to schedule follow-ups and other action items using the Checklist.

Templates and Tools Result in 80% Reduction in Time Spent on Documents

Neos’ superlative document generation abilities have substantially streamlined drafting of routine communications and common documents. For example, Jennifer says drafting five withdrawal letters used to take about an hour, and that task can be completed in 10 minutes using templates in Neos, a time savings of over 80%! The firm also sees incremental time savings from small changes like the ability to change a document file name right in Neos. 

Integrated Communications Improve Responsiveness

Texting clients directly from Neos has eliminated the need for dedicated phones and simplified record-keeping. Staff members can access Neos from mobile devices and home and office computers, and messaging is automatically saved to the file. These tools, combined with easy remote access to case information, also allows staff to be more responsive to clients who may have urgent issues after hours or when the attorney or staff member is somewhere other than the office. 

What We Love About Neos

In addition to the time savings and improved access and communications, Jennifer says she loves the Notes feature. The ability to add comments, images, documents, call notes and other pertinent information for easy retrieval is a game changer. Since notes are searchable and can be filtered by date, topic, or the staff member who made the note, the information is always right at your fingertips.

“What’s better than having immediate access to a note of a phone call you can quickly pull up and review three months down the road?” 

She also loves the updates that just keep making processes more efficient, giving the firm confidence that Neos will be able to support continued growth and change.


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